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Mark your October for Sarangani

There are so many activities happening in Sarangani that gives October its flare. This is a real Octoberfest because Glan and Alabel will be sizzling with events.

The Centennial Celebration of Glan is going to be starstudded from October 2 till October 8! The 7-day Concert celebration is dubbed as “Concerts of the Century”.


On October 8, Glan is celebrating its 100th Founding Anniversary. Main highlight will be their Lubi-Lubi Festival and the street dances that will showcase the culture of the town. Go Sarangani can take you on a Glan Centennial Tour to see the Colono marker, the century old trees, the first church, and around the coconut village. This is a once in a hundred years event, so it should be worth the trip.

Meanwhile in Alabel, from October 1 -31, Woodstock Sarangani will be bringing over 100 bands to rock the town. Also the Goldenboy Herrera Farm will be transformed into one mini Carnival with rides from Manila. Watch out for the Sea Dragon and Hurricane roller coaster! They also have a Night Market that will be selling food, goodies and souvenir items!

Sarangani Woodstock

Since October is also the National Indigenous People’s Month, Sarangani is also preparing another celebration with its Tribal Leaders and Communities. Simultaneously, an Indigenous Textile Exhibit showcasing the Blaan “Tabih” that is weaved in Lamlifew, Sarangani and Landan, Polomolok is also being prepared. Thanks to Emi Englis, Bing Carino, and Arjho Turner who are pushing this advocacy and organizing this event. We will give you more details as these events unfold.

As for now, if you are wondering what to do and see in October… we invite you to mark your October for Sarangani!


Glan turns 100!

Glan is one of the oldest town of South Central Mindanao.  GLAN was the name called for the entire East side of Sarangani and including General Santos City.  General Santos City formerly named as “Dadiangas” or “Rajah Buayan” was just a barrio of the huge town of Glan. It was in 1914, that settlers from the Visayas bravely occupied and tilled the soils of Glan.

A hundred years later, Glan is now a progressing town of Sarangani Province.  It is the Coconut Queen of the South with thousands of hectares of rolling Coconut tree hills.  Coconut is the main agricultural product and economic activity of Glan. Its next  biggest attraction is the beautiful, pristine, white sand beach of Gumasa.  Yearly the awarded Sarangani Bay Festival event (also known as the Biggest Beach Festival of Mindanao) is hosted in Gumasa. Thousands flock to join the different sports activities and to enjoy the beach.

If you wish to take a tour in Glan, you can make your reservations with Go Sarangani Travel.  Here are the list of the upcoming events coming this September 23- October 8.

Glan will only turn 100 once, so witness its turning of a century!



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