Travel Documents!

Just a few tips from us on traveling smart.

1. Passports are a must when going internationally. It is good to apply for a passport atleast 3 months before travel. Current backlogs from DFA are causing headaches for travelers. For your safety apply as early as 3 months to be safe.

2. If your passport is going to expire in 6 months time, you should go to the nearest DFA office and renew it. Make sure that from the date of your travel your passport is atleast 7 months from expiration. 6 months and below before expiration can deny you entry in some countries.

3. If a child is traveling internationally without his parents, remember you need to get a certificate from DSWD. The accompanying adult even if one is a relative (aunt, uncle, grandparents), must still obtain a DSWD certification. You will need to supply birth certificate and a letter from the parents including their IDs when applying for this certificate.

4. If you are traveling and you are pregnant, you will need to get a letter from your doctor allowing you to travel. Some airlines will not allow a pregnant woman traveling without a certification from her OB-GYNE.

5. If you are working in government, please check with your HR and with DILG to certify you to travel. Especially elected officials, the DILG certification will allow you to exit the country without any hassle.

6. Identification cards are needed when you travel. No Airline will check you in without an identification card. So make sure you bring one to the airport!

7. Visa Applications must be done atleast 2 months before travel. Please make sure you comply the application form honestly and that support documents are complete and updated.

For more travel documentation assistance please contact us!

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